Good morning! For several weeks now, I have been diligent in monitoring my glucose.  Admittedly I have been slacking a little with writing the numbers down, but I have been tracking it.  And, except for just a few times, my glucose has been in-check.  I have also started walking whenever I have a chance: during lunch, after work, and weekends.

This is all starting to pay off because as of last week, I have lost 12 lbs! For me, that is a huge win.  I had noticed a few pieces of clothing feeling looser but it never dawned on me that the reason was I had lost a little weight.  I never thought that because I just don’t lose weight.  Well that has changed, my friends.  That means only 37 more pounds to go before October 26th!!  Woot! Woot!

Over this past weekend, I received a letter from my doctor’s office saying it is time for my next check-up.  They reminded me how dangerous it is for Diabetes to go unmonitored. They mentioned the loss of limbs and eyesight. 

I started to feel scared when I read that letter.  Then I remembered that, although I am not perfect, I have done a lot better than what I had been doing that brought me to this point.  I’m watching the types of carbs, amount, and time-of-day they are consumed.  Walking. Checking my glucose.

When I was first diagnosed, I was scared.  And I was angry about this.  I wasn’t angry at my doctor.  I was angry at ME.  I knew better but chose to not be careful.  I chose.  Made a choice.  Well, I can make another choice and Diabetes doesn’t have to define me. 

That’s when I started checking and watching and walking.  I can tell when I have made a bad carb choice or ate too late in the evening.  No only does my glucose spike, but I now make the correlation between what I eat and how my body feels.  I feel bloated, tired and my ankle hurts (doctor said it’s probably nerve damage; feels like a ‘sprain’).  When I eat better and walk almost daily, I feel good.  No brainer, right?  Still, I slip some days. But the key is being aware.  Even though Diabetes is referred to as ‘the silent killer’, you can feel some things. Pay attention to your body.

Have you had the light bulb go off in your head, too?  Finally getting the phrase, “you are what you eat”?  Please share anything that has helped you stay on track or get back on track when you’ve strayed. 

Thanks for reading.  Until next time.




New car syndrom

Have you ever purchased a new car and then suddenly started noticing that same car in the same color everywhere?  That’s sort of what I am experience recently with Diabetes.  I am finding there are more people with Diabetes around me than I realized.  I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since there are about 29.1  million people with Type II Diabetes in the U.S. (, 2014). I am just a little surprised to learn how many of them I know!  Some of the folks are very positive and share great tips on how they are managing their lives.  Others are a little less successful and I am able to offer them encouragement.  I love being in the position to help. 

Last week I found myself taking with a co-worker that also has Diabetes.  We were talking rather jokingly about this transition and I stated that sometimes I am still not making the best choices and my numbers reflect my choices.  On the way home, I was thinking about the conversation. My friend and I had some laughs, but then I thought, what I need to be hyper aware of is the fact that joking about ‘falling off the wagon’ is a slippery slope.  It does happen but it doesn’t have to and it can’t happen frequently.

I’m not trying to be negative.  I just want to be careful about crossing the line between joking about slipping up with too many carbs and accepting this as okay.  I encourage you, too, to be careful if you have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  I think what causes us to cross that line is that we don’t initially feel any different.  Most of the symptoms are silent until it’s too late.

 If you  have Type II Diabetes, what are some of the struggles you had when first diagnosed?  Do you have tips for staying ON the wagon?  Please share!! 🙂



Fit and Fabulous by 50: Let’s get started!

Fit and fabulous by 50?  Is it possible?  I have a little over 6 months until I turn 50 so I am counting on it being possible.  My goal is to lose 43 pounds.  That is an average of 7 pounds a month.  That’s realistic if I am serious about my goal.  And I am serious.  My goal is not appearance driven.  It is health driven.  And all of my research and conversations with my doctor tell me losing weight is a great way to begin being healthy on the inside.  It will result in a physical change, too.  But that’s just a bonus, not the goal.

In January I was flagged with Type II Diabetes.  It is hereditary (more so than Type I, according to my doctor) but I am sure that my life-long habits of poor eating and hit-or-miss exercise didn’t help my current health situation.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be almost 50 pounds overweight.  The diagnosis scared me.  The way I saw it, there were a few ways to look at it.  The outlook I chose was to accept my part in the diagnosis and then do what I can to change the outcome of my future. 

That brings us to today.  Although I have already begun taking steps to reach my goal, today I have decided to create a blog to share my journey.  Today is Sunday, April 10th.  There are about 26 weeks until my birthday.  This seems like an appropriate day to start then since my birthday is the 26th of October. 

I will share my progress and my struggles on this blog.  I will also share what I learn on this journey such as Diabetes-friendly recipes and what workouts are producing the best results for me.  This blog will provide me a certain amount of structure and accountability.  I’m finding I need that.  But more than that, I hope my journey serves others who are also at this point in life and find themselves facing similar changes.  I have several people in my close circle that I now know are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and have similar health issues as I do.  Let’s take control of our health together.  It IS possible.

Until next week…….